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SSD Parent Handbook
The SSD Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program maintains an online Parent Handbook that aims to keep parents, families and the community informed about a broad range of special education and disability matters. Please click on any of the links below to access more information. If you do not see information or resources you were looking for, would like to talk with someone from the Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program or would like to request hard copies of each section, please contact us at 314.989.8460 or

The Parent Handbook is divided into the following sections:

Overview of Special School District (SSD)
Provides parents/families with information about SSD structure, governance and services provided.

The Evaluation Process
Provides information and resources regarding the special education eligibility/evaluation process. The information and data gathered during evaluation is used to determine whether special education is necessary and to help make decisions about the kind of educational programming that may be required.

The IEP Process
Information provided here includes a look at the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, tips for preparing for an IEP meeting, and advice on how to participate effectively during and after the meeting.

Individual Disability Category Sections with
State Eligibility Criteria and Resources for Each

Each section aligns to the one of the 13 educational disability categories as outlined by the Missouri State Plan. Transition Process
Provides information and an overview of the transition process. Transition is the planning for adult life, which might include such areas as post-secondary education, vocational training, supported employment, adult education, community participation and independent living, as well as a focus on the development of self-determination, self-advocacy and skills for autonomy across all ages and stages.

Additional Resources
A wide range of resources and tools can be found here. Sections include such topics as Early Childhood, IEP Preparation Forms, Special Education Process, videos/webinars and resource packets, to name a few. If you do not find what you were looking for, please contact the Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program at 314.989.8460 or

Terms and Acronyms
Special education is full of technical terms, jargon and acronyms. The information linked here provides definitions of education and disability-related terms and a guide to frequently used acronyms.

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Special School District of St. Louis County (SSD) is a leader in providing special education services to students with disabilities and also provides a wide range of career and technical education programs.
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