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Special School District of St. Louis County

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Related services

SSD also offers a full range of related services from speech therapy to assistive technology services, which are considered during the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. The district annually performs more than 75,000 screenings and diagnostic evaluations for area students.

[+] Adaptive Physical Education (APE)
Services are provided to develop and adapt physical education curricula to ensure that students with disabilities are afforded the opportunity to participate safely and successfully in physical education classes with non-disabled peers.
[+] Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
The ABA Department collaborates with other school personnel in implementing the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The department uses the principles of applied behavior analysis to support the behavioral and preacademic needs of student with autistic characteristics.
[+] Assistive Technology (AT)
Assistive technology includes services and devices that promote, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Devices range from enlarged keyboards to reading materials in Braille.
[+] Audiology

The SSD Audiology Department provides services to children from birth to graduation that live in St. Louis County. The department offers hearing screenings and evaluations that may include middle ear analysis, pure tone air and bone conduction threshold testing, speech perception testing, and Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) testing.

SSD’s Audiology Department also makes recommendations and conducts amplification assessments for hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices. Recommendations are based on the most current research trends and emerging technologies, using behavioral as well as objective measures to ensure proper access to sound. 

Offices are located at SSD’s Litzsinger School in Ladue and at the Hazelwood Early Childhood Center in Florissant. To schedule an appointment, call 314.989.8875.
[+] Homebound
Instruction provided in a student’s home, a hospital setting or other public site because the student is physically, emotionally or behaviorally unable to receive instruction at the school.

Click here for Homebound Department resources if you are a staff member in SSD or one of SSD's partner school districts.

If you are a family member seeking information about obtaining homebound services for a student, please contact Karen Whelan at or 314.989.8383, or Kari Rinkus at or 314.989.8433.
[+] Interpreter Services
The district employs visual communication specialists, such as educational interpreters and real time writers, who provide access to auditory information based on the developmental, cultural and linguistic needs of individual students.
[+] Language Therapy
Services are aimed at correcting language problems and working to improve a person’s ability to use language.
[+] Occupational Therapy (OT)
Services include therapy designed to improve gross and fine motor skills, sensory motor processing, coordination, adapting environments, organizing and using materials and developing dressing and feeding skills appropriate to the learning environment.
[+] Parent Training and Counseling
These efforts consist of planned teaching for parents to help them interact with, teach and advocate for their child with a disability.
[+] Physical Therapy (PT)
Services are provided to enhance independent functioning and may include positioning, strengthening, mobility training and modifications and adaptations to the environment.
[+] Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
A systematic approach designed to reduce the kinds of problem behaviors that can impede classroom success for students both with and without disabilities. SSD staff developed the PBIS Compendium, an online resource for educators using the PBIS model in their schools. Located at, the site offers sample lesson plans; access to CDs and videos; brochures on related matters, such as bullying; and links to relevant websites.
[+] Psychological Services
Services include consultation to general and special education staff and parents regarding student learning, behavioral patterns and educational performances across settings. Diagnostic responsibilities include planning, coordinating and implementing the assessment of students in order to determine initial eligibility for special education and for programming purposes.
[+] Rehabilitation Counseling Services
These services aim to help individuals with disabilities learn or re-learn the skills needed for daily living and work activities.
[+] School Health Services
These health services are beyond the scope of what is provided by health service professionals at the school where the student attends. These services, which are determined by the IEP team, are deemed necessary for the student to receive the most benefit from his or her special education services.
[+] Social Work Services

Services include short-term individual and group counseling and therapy; referrals to social agencies and medical or mental health professionals; case management; and coordination of services with affiliated agencies. Social workers participate in team meetings; gather and report social histories; and serve as liaisons with psychiatric consultants, parents, affiliated agencies and medical and mental health professionals.

For more information about SSD social work services, contact Meg Lovera at or 314.989.8444.

[+] Special Transportation
Transportation services vary based on the needs of the students. In some instances, special accommodations are made as determined by a student’s IEP. These accommodations may include seat belt, safety vest, bus monitor, air conditioning and health-related trainings of the bus personnel.
[+] Special Olympics
SSD is distinctive in that the district incorporates Special Olympics as part of the curriculum during the school day. This classroom-based approach allows physical education teachers and classroom teachers the opportunity to include Special Olympics materials in the classroom and then to reinforce the learning activities through Special Olympics events. SSD Special Olympics is open to any student who receives services from the district.

arrow For more information, contact Kerrie Townsend at 314.989.7524 or by e-mail at
[+] Speech Therapy
Services are aimed at correcting speech problems and working to improve a person’s ability to use speech.
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